Meisje Djamila

The name Djamila comes from the Arabic and the meaning is "beautiful" and "pretty". These attributes definitely apply to the 24 year old Dutch woman. But the name Djamila stands for more. With MeisjeDjamila the online creator runs one of the most successful YouTube channels in the Netherlands and Belgium. With more than 715.000 subscribers and 10 million views a month, Djamila is one of the most popular and successful Web video stars in her home country. In the target audience between 11 - 14 you will hardly find a girl who is not fascinated by the dark-haired and always good-humored social influencer.

It was no surprise that she quickly climbed to the top of the Dutch book sales charts with her first book publication released in summer 2016. And also her 2 months later released fragrance sold several thousand bottles within a few days.

In January 2017 Djamila released her first single "Brickwall" successfully in the music market. On June 23rd her album "Girl" followed and she will be on tour in October 2017 in The Netherlands and Belgium.

She is the poster girl of a new media popstar.

Show in Utrecht 08.10.2017

Show in Antwerpen 11.10.2017

Faye Montana

At just 13 years, Faye Montana is one of Germany's youngest Social Influencers. Since she was 5 years old, Faye has been part of various film projects, presentations and engagements for the advertising industry. More than 270.000 subscribers follow her on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Faye is a talented young girl and will surprise her audience with new projects for 2017.

Her first single "Numbers" was released on April 7th 2017.

Moritz Garth

When Moritz Garth released his first video on his own YouTube channel in October 2013, he was unaware that he would reach almost 369,000 subscribers, 240,000 Instagram fans, and over 94,000 Facebook fans four years later. 
In April 2016, his first single "Neue Welt" was released in Berlin, in cooperation with songwriter Philipp Klemz ("Geiles Leben") and has been streamed over 1.2 million times to Spotify. In December followed "Kaltes Wasser" a delicate and getting under the skin walking pop ballade in which Moritz its sensitive side could express. The accompanying video was turned into a large under water scene and required the greatest physical effort from the enthusiastic athlete.
On March 31st, the new single "Auf Repeat" will finally be released. A dynamic and danceable pop song that is immediately catches one´s attention and proves its exception among the German social media stars.
As of June fans have the opportunity to see their star and his music live.

Tour 2017:

10. - 14.07. 1 Live Wahnsinn Tour /   12.09. Dortmund FZW /  13.09. Cologne Yuca /

 Moritz released his third single "Auf Repeat" in March 2017 and there is more to come.

Mario Novembre

With just 16 years, Mario Novembre is one of the most successful social media artists in Germany. On, the most popular music app in the world at the moment, the singer gathers more than 661,000 fans. And also on Instagram the teen star fascinate over 522,000 followers. Mario made a first exclamation mark in August 2016 with the ViViSoCo (VideoVisionSongContest) as part of the Videodays in Cologne. Now the musician has signed with Bitstream Music and is working with high pressure together with well-known songwriters and producers on new songs. However, the mostly female fans still have to be patient. The new songs will be released starting end of Summer 2017.

Falco Punch

Falco is 21 years old, from Hamburg and fascinates more than 904.000 follower on with his impressions of famous songs. He also excites his followers with his weekly live show "FalcoTalk" on, where more than 80.000 viewers per show follow as well as more than 157.000 fans on Instagram. Falco is fully managed by Bitstream Music Lab. He is one of the most talented and hot presenters at the moment. For 2017 we have planned Brand and Entertainment campaigns with him. Falco will also launch his own Merchandise soon.


Kati aka Katulka is one of the most successful musers from Germany. She reaches more than 530 000 followers and an average of 70 000 likes per musical on the super hot teenie platform. Her name appears almost daily in the top #10 of the German Muser charts.

She loves dancing, started doing so as a young kid and won multiple tournaments ever since. She’s sporty, interested in fashion and has a very positive charisma.

Katharina is fully managed by Bitstream.


Melody Anais Garcia is the most successful YouTuber in Spain. On her YouTube channel OMGYellowMellow she interacts with over 1.5 million fans. Through Instagram and Twitter Melo reaches well over 800,000 followers.
In October 2015 the Vlogger from Madrid released here first single "Phantom Limb" and landed promptly on the top spot of the Spanish iTunes charts. To date, the song has been streamed over 5.5 million times on Spotify. Now we are working hard on the production of here debut album.


Annika Sofie has always had a passion for music and started singing and dancing as a little kid. Two years ago she discovered the app by scrolling through the appstore and experimented with the effects of videoediting for fun. Back then she would'nt have believed if somebody told her she'd have more than 250.000 followers today. The 15-year old girl is a real multitalent, that does not only lipsinc to videos but also sings and dances herself. She started with little school occasions in then in 2016 made it even to The Voice Kids. In addition to that, Annika is a very talented swimmer and likes to go horseriding , quad driving and snorkeling whenever she can.


When he was 6 years old Nic had to watch his sister taking dance lessons but soon got bored of only watching. He started dancing himself and nowadays is even a teacher at the very same school. At the age age of 16 he downloaded the app and started uploading videos of his dance moves. Within half a year only he got the so populart Muser crown and his social media career forged ahead. Back as a kid Nic often watched his dad playing Guitar Hero. When the latter exchanged the plastic mock up for a real guitar, Nic was chained/impressed by his passion for music and started hitting the drumset. After sundry small performances as a father-and-son-band Nic coincidentally went to a concert of Damian Lynn, where he posted a video of Damian and himself performing Damians song "Winter". Right after that he got discovered and signed to Bitstream Music. Outrageously good music will come out even this year!